Thank you so much for the cards, I have already utilized them with a group that I have been working with and they were a game changer in helping the members of the team to begin to explore their team dynamics. Low trust and effective communication has been something that this team has struggled with for some time . We utilized the cards as a part of the exercise to help clear emotional tension within the group. What an impactful shared experience!
— Margie Harrier, Chief Operating Officer, Kaiser Permanente Orange County
“I have found them to be more effective in one session than hours and hours of (expensive) psychotherapy! You can put your cards out on the table, so to speak, instead of ruminating over your stagnant feelings/thoughts in your head where they can get the best of you. This will improve your social relationships immensely.
And I’ve used ‘The Empathy Set’ to resolve issues with family members. They have helped us come to a mutual understanding just by having the feelings defined and laid out. It allows us to move forward without getting stuck in judgments and negative emotions, which is essential for mental, physical and spiritual health.”
— Marilyn Cooper, Tai Ji Master, Founder of Pushing for Peace
“Used the empathy set with my staff the other day. I first got them comfortable with the cards identifying each other’s feelings and needs in relation to a personal story. Then I had them imagine what residents who they have to work with, may be feeling in a particular situation. The experience was very positive and empowering. One participants said she realized that we need to take the time to slow down and explore (rather than assume) what the residents are actually feeling and needing. This was exactly the insight I was hoping for!”
— Marianne Bradshaw, Nursing Home Ombuds
I’m a professional mediator and find these cards to be invaluable. My clients love them because the cards make it easy for them to focus on the other’s person’s feelings and needs. They are especially great for couples. I also use them on myself - when I’m upset and not sure why. They’s a huge help.
— Eileen Barker, Professional Mediator, Barker Mediation and The Path of Forgiveness
I’ve worked with these cards three times now. Each time, I was amazed at the new insights and clarity I received about a situation/issue in my life that was troubling or unclear. One time was with a friend who is a therapist, who decided to use these cards in her own practice. The last time I did them was with a positive relationship with my grandson. I came away with a new, greater awareness of the joy and well being I feel from this relationship. Using these cards relieved the arduousness of the process. Rather it was actually revealing in a fun and easy way!
— Merry Berger, Certified Divorce Coach
Simplicity at its best ! A TOOL TO SUPPORT CLEAR EXPRESSION AND BUILD LISTENING SKILLS: Get clear on what you really want to say by first getting in touch with what’s going on internally. These cards are your roadmap into your authentic feelings and needs. They really work because the cards slow things down so you can tune in. I use them when I need support with any difficult life situation. I can now sense a release in my body when I discover my feelings to a situation and realize what it is I’m really needing. When that shift happens I can let go of the story that’s kept me stuck and move on with love. The more familiar I get with each feeling and need the quicker my body thanks me. It’s been a game changer for me. It’s such an empowering way to show up in the world.
— Susan Tappe Madrid, NVC Practitioner